Bookkeeping & Payroll

For Businesses

meeting When a business owner begins a business, it's because he/she is passionate about a product or service and believes they can have a successful business - doing what they really love!

Unfortunately, the complexity of all the reporting and record-keeping aspects of owning a business often dominates owners’ time, leaving them unable to do the things that made them want their own businesses. Some may just 'wing it' and worry about it when the year ends. Others will overpay for CPA services instead of opting for a bookkeeper, who will charge much less for the same services.

Studies show the overwhelming majority of small and micro-businesses fail within the first 3 years. Many times businesses fail because they have not kept accurate and up-to-date financial records to understand their financial position and manage their bottom-line.

With all the great financial software, it would seem that small business owners have a wealth of resources at their disposal for handling their financial records. Unfortunately, those software programs are potentially dangerous to someone who does not understand basic principles of accounting. "Garbage in—garbage out" certainly applies in many of these cases.

Why not get efficient, accurate assistance with those things you hate to do?

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Payroll Processing
  3. Tax Return Preparation
  4. Secretarial Services

Blue Star Solutions prides itself on providing non-threatening, non-judgmental bookkeeping, payroll, tax returns, and administrative services - giving business owners accurate and timely information so they can effectively manage their businesses.


  • Complete, accurate and timely bookkeeping services – on an hourly, monthly, or yearly basis. Our expert Associates, all degreed professionals, will provide all financial statements to you, as well as reports and filings to local, state, and federal entities, providing you with a clear picture of your company’s performance AND records ready for your tax preparer.
  • Review and discuss reports; work with owner/manager to see problem areas
  • Provide industry data to compare with your business


  • Full and complete payroll services, including all monthly, quarterly and annual reports, for a low monthly charge.
  • Timely responses to local, state, and federal entities regarding any claims, reports, or required audits of your records.
  • A complimentary Injury and Illness Prevention Program Plan, which is in compliance with all state and federal regulations and required of all employers.

Administrative and Secretarial Services

  • Business owners often need intermittent secretarial support – to write formal proposals, marketing letters, and mailing projects.
  • Our Associates can provide these services at very reasonable hourly or project rates.

Services are provided at your convenience – even outside of regular business hours! We provide pick-up and delivery and can quickly meet special, last-minute needs of our clients.

Let Blue Star Solutions help with these tedious tasks – while you do what you really love - operate your business!

For Individuals

Individuals and families often need help with their financial record keeping. Blue Star Solutions can offer in-home services to individuals and families who need this assistance. Reconciling your checking accounting, helping pay bills, and other record-keeping and bill-paying services are all services we are happy to provide at hourly or flat monthly rates starting at $25.


To relieve the anxiety associated with piles of papers stacked up in all corners of your home, our Associates are happy to offer the following:

  • Assistance with organizing and maintaining your personal and financial records
  • Maintenance of financial reports and information ready for review by the household and ready to submit to a tax preparer

Administrative/Secretarial Services

  • ‘Typing’ projects – handwritten or needing editing
  • Transcription/transference to computer
  • Letter writing, address labels, other small projects

Do you have regular household help?

If you are a Household Employer with more than $____ in gross payroll, you should be filing regular payroll tax returns, as well as an annual return. (It’s the law). Blue Star Solutions can set-up and maintain these obligations for a reasonable monthly charge.

Blue Star Solutions offers accurate, timely, customer-driven services to both businesses and individuals in the Butte county area.

For immediate assistance, call Victoria Allyn at 530-872-0948.